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Best breakfasts in the city

Updated: May 2, 2019

Whether you’re an early riser, post-gym, pre-work person, or simply a profession brunch enthusiast, weekday brunching in the city has never looked better. Here is your guide.

Crack Kitchen Photography: Josie Withers for Broadsheet

The Adelaide City is filled with many hidden gems for early morning breakfast during the weekdays. With gorgeous views of our city as the sun rises, local produce on offer, and arguably some of the greatest coffee going around, early morning weekday city brunching has never looked better. Whether you’re an early riser, post-gym, pre-work person, or simply a professional brunch enthusiast, this is the guide for you.

Our top 5:

  1. Luigi Delicatessen. 151 Flinders Street, Adelaide. Open from 6.30am, free parking out front until 8am. Luigi Delicatessen delivers the perfect brunching spot for your early morning needs. Not only does it provide amazing food and coffee, but its first class service is worthy of a mention. Priding themselves on preparing amazing experiences with their breakfast, their options of up to five specials which change depending on the season are delicious and a perfect reason to stop in. Their famous sharing platters are visually spectacular and taste even better! Watching the morning go by with gorgeous food and coffee in hand has never been better.

  2. Crack Kitchen. 13 Franklin St, Adelaide. Open from 7am Aiming to be a leading edge in the breakfast game, Crack Kitchen is focussed on quality food and coffee. With a food motto of ‘contemporary yet controversial,’ you can expect to be delighted with the unique and classic options available. Located in a former bank, the atmosphere is truly unique, and definitely one to try.

  3. Cafe Troppo. 42 Whitmore Square, Adelaide. Open from 7.30am (not Monday) Located in an eco-housing building, Cafe Troppo aims to promote sustainability, the environment and the community. Their food menu is seasonally based and strives to keep everything local. Along with this, the coffee is ethically sourced, fair-trade and organic. So if you’re looking for a quirky spot to relax and have a bite to eat, this is it.

  4. The Flinders Street Project. 276 Flinders St, Adelaide. Open from 7am This hip, relaxed joint with avant-garde ceiling decorations is a lovely spot to head for breakfast. Serving modern Australian cafe food, there are many stunning breakfast options to choose from. Sit outside for a relaxed view of the city street or head inside to admire the vibrant vibes of the cafe.

  5. Coffylosphy. 198A Hutt St, Adelaide. Open from 7am This boutique café on Hutt Street serves a wide variety coffees as well as a lovely all-day breakfast menu. Whether you’re after coffee, tea, cold-drip, juices or hearty breakfast meals, Coffylosophy has it all. In a gorgeous location, this is a beautiful spot for early morning feasting.

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